Bình Định: Transfer of Semi-Biofloc technology for whiteleg shrimp farming

The Agricultural Promotion Center (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) of Bình Định province recently collaborated with the Agricultural Service Center of Phù Cát district to organize a training program for the transfer of commercial whiteleg shrimp farming techniques using Semi-Biofloc technology for 20 shrimp farming households in Cát Minh commune.

Those households were instructed on constructing farming facilities (including water storage ponds, settling ponds, effluent ponds, nursery ponds, grow-out ponds, and other supporting structures), shrimp nursery and commercial farming techniques using Semi-Biofloc technology, feed management, environmental management, as well as prevention and treatment of common diseases in whiteleg shrimp.

With Semi-Biofloc technology, farmers can mitigate disease-causing factors, reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics in shrimp farming.

As a result, production costs are reduced, antibiotic residues in commercial shrimp are well-controlled, enhancing the value of the products and economic efficiency, leading to a significant increase in income compared to other practices.


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