Quảng Ngãi: The efficiency of fish cage farming in cooperative groups

Established in 2018, after 3 years, The cooperative group of fish cage farming in Tinh Son commune, Son Tinh district has shown initial effectiveness, helping  farmers  link production, develop the economy, and bring in income for many households.

Participating in The Son Tinh fish cage farming cooperative group, Mr. Dinh Quang Tien ( Tây village, Tinh Son commune, Son Tinh district) said that his family was supported to build stainless steel cages and was guided with technical instructions to choose breeding stock, how to take care and prevent disease for farmed fish… Currently, with 4 fish cages, he raises 200 anguillidae and 300 grass carp. Every year, after deducting costs, he earns nearly 100 million VND.

Similarly, Mr. Le Tan Kieu (Tây village, Tinh Son commune) has developed from 2 bamboo fish cages to 4 stainless steel cages. Now that the cage is stable, he was also  supported with farming techniques as well as the help and sharing of the members of the cooperative group, so his family’s income from raising fish in river cages becomes more and more stable. Currently, with 4 cages for raising 200  anguillidae, each year  deducting costs, his income is from 75 – 80 million VND. Products are always easy to consume.

Currently, in Tinh Son commune, there are 52 fish cage farmers on Tra Khuc river with more than 110 fish cages and 29 households with 94 cages have joined the cooperative group. When participating, new members are trained, transferred techniques, raising procedures and disease prevention as well as ensuring the safety of cages in the rainy season. In addition, the members of the group often support each other in terms of capital, product consumption, and sharing of farming experiences. Each year, the total  sales of the cooperative group is over 2.6 billion VND,   deducting cost, the profit remains 1.7 billion VND.


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