Expand the pangasius market in the North

In the afternoon of August 14, the Directorate of Fisheries worked with businesses about distributing and boosting the sales of pangasius products in the North.

An Việt Production and Trade Joint Stock Company said that pangasius products sold in the domestic market are as qualified as exported ones. A great deal of these products are expected to go to the North, firstly Hà Nội, then Hà Nam, Thái Nguyên and other provinces. Products are distributed through four main channels: canteens in industrial zones, canteens in schools and universities, organic food stores and e-commercial market.

The company’s representative said that boosting domestic consumption will help improve income of pangasius farmers and enterprises. Pangasius products are highly evaluated by nutrition experts in terms of quality, nutrition quantity and affordable prices.

In the morning of August 15, An Việt introduced to trade unions of the largest industrial zones in the North its products which gained enthusiastic support and promised an optimistic picture of domestic consumption.


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