Price of material shrimp sharply rises up

Scarce supply has resulted in sharp rise in shrimp material price in some Mekong Delta provinces.

In Bạc Liêu, farmgate price of white leg shrimp size 100 pcs/kg ranges at 95,000-97,000 dong/kg, black tiger shrimp size 40 pcs/kg is sold at 183,000-255,000 dong/kg. The sharpest rise was recorded in white leg shrimp size 30-40 pcs/kg (140,000-160,000 dong/kg, up 25,000 dong/kg as compared to August 2018).

In Vĩnh Châu of Sóc Trăng, farmgate price of white leg shrimp size 40 pcs/kg is 146,000 dong/kg, size 30 pcs/kg is 175,000 dong/kg, up more than 40,000 dong/kg from the previous months.

In Bến Tre, the offer price of white leg shrimp size 20-30 pcs/kg is 175,000-190,000 dong/kg, up over 50,000 dong/kg from the last three months and shrimp size 100 pcs/kg rises slightly by 100,000 dong/kg.

According to experts, shrimp price is showing no sign of fall and expects to keep rising; however, farmers are warned not to engage into the mass stocking to prevent from surplus supply, especially when shrimp price is depending on the Chinese market.


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