Should you eat shrimp while having covid-19?

Many people think that people with COVID-19 need to abstain from eating shrimp because it will cause coughing, is this true?

According to MSc Le Thi Hai, a nutritionist, shrimp is a protein-rich food and helps supplement calcium for the body. The high protein content in shrimp shows that this is a valuable source of protein for human health, especially for people with COVID-19 who need a special diet.

Hai said that COVID-19 patients need to increase their nutritional needs due to increased energy consumption. Therefore, if not supplemented with nutrients, the body will be malnourished, thereby increasing the risk of superinfection, making the disease worse.

When using, people need to process shrimp into soft, liquid, easy to swallow, and easy to digest dishes such as shrimp porridge, shrimp soup, vermicelli, or rice paper cooked with shrimp…

In addition, patients with allergies should avoid eating shrimp and allergenic foods because it will cause recurrent allergies, making cough worse…


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