China is requested to extend the customs clearance period to resolve difficulties faced by Vietnam agriculture products sector

On April 16, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyễn Xuân Cường worked with the Chinese Ambassador in Vietnam Hùng Ba with an aim to boost the cooperation in agriculture development and agricultural products trade between Vietnam and China in the face of covid-19 pandemic.

Total export-import volume of agricultural, forestry and seafood products between Vietnam and China reached $2.21 billion, decreasing by 6.9% from last year. Some prefectures in China have carried out control measures, resulting in challenges in customs clearance in border gates in Lạng Sơn.

With an aim to create favorable conditions in exporting and importing agricultural products, leaders of the two countries have come to an agreement to establish a list of exporters given green light. Thus, tapioca flour, cashew nut, white leg shrimp, and lobster will not be checked during the customs clearance. Quarantine results on some exported products will be recognized.

The list must be provided early and customs clearance time will be from 7 a.m to 10 p.m in the Kim Thanh international border gate Road No. II (Lào Cai – Bắc Sơn). The Lạng Sơn government is requested to put the road through boundary stone no.1035 into operation to enable the Bình Nghi – Bình Nhi border gate during the covid-19 pandemic. Vietnam’s agricultural products, seafood and fruits will be exported through bilateral border gates Chi Ma (Vietnam) – Ái Điểm (China).


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