On the faith of VietShrimp 2020

The two previous VietShrimp Aquaculture International Fairs (VietShrimp) were highly evaluated by managers, experts, companies and shrimp farmer community. What will make the differences with the third fair to be held in CầnThơ and what can the participants expect from VietShrimp 2020?

General Director of Directorate of Fisheries Trần Đình Luân: Be ready with VietShrimp 2020

After the two successful VietShrimp fairs, the Directorate of Fisheries is delightful seeing the Vietnam Fisheries Society prepare for the third VietShrimp in 2020. This is a forum for companies to introduce their products, exchange their advanced technologies of shrimp cultivation, enhance their trade promotion, and discuss technology solutions, technique procedures, policies, management method, and production organization for further development of Vietnam’s shrimp sector. The Directorate of Fisheries fully supports the program of VietShrimp 2020, take part in and work with the Vietnam Fisheries Society to successfully hold the VietShrimp 2020.

Permanent Vice Chairman of VINAFIS and Head of Science Division of VietShrimp 2020 Phạm Anh Tuấn: Sustainability of shrimp sector

A sustainable shrimp sector means an effective sector where the producers and processors obtain their benefit, the environment is protected, the farmers are surrounded with social policies. These are the key factors of a sustainable shrimp sector while it is dealing with challenges. For example, shrimp farmers have towipe out diseases if they want a productive crop meanwhile the environment must be protected. Shrimp farmers are supposed to protect their shrimp without discharging the toxic into the environment. Vietnam is a shrimp exporter; thus, its shrimps must satisfy every requirement of the importers. Not only do Vietnamese shrimps meet the quality requirement, but also they must be competitive. How come do we produce a cheaper product with better quality? The VietShrimp 2020 will have seminars and workshops for the participants to analyze and discuss detailed solutions to the current matters so that Vietnam will have a sustainable shrimp sector.

Chairman and General Director of Viet-Uc SeafoodLương Thanh Văn: The best place for desires of “raising Vietnamese shrimp to the heights

VietShrimp is the exhibition fair of Vietnamese shrimp to be held carefully and methodically in the regional level.After the success of VietShrimp 2016 and 2018 in Bạc Liêu, the fair has created a convincing impression for the development of local shrimp sector in recent years. In 2020, VietShrimp will play the role of passing the Government’s message of promoting shrimp – the country’s key product to the participants. The Viet-Uc Seafood Corporation hopes to accompany with VietShrimp 2020 so that the fair will leave the participants with a good impression of Vietnamese shrimp, in accordance with the fair’s title “With the aim of sustainability”. This is expected by the leaders of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, companies, and shrimp farmers to build the Vietnamese shrimp trademark.

Director of ThầnVương Company Trần Quang Duy: Share the optimum solutions with shrimp farmers

VietShrimp is a useful playground for my company as we have a good chance to approach the potential customers. We will accompany with VietShrimp 2020 with an aim to “share the optimum solution” with shrimp farmers. The local media of VietShrimp 2016, 2018 and 2020 was good; however, it is necessary to boost the global media if the fair organizers want to attract the international companies.


According to the organizers, two third of 200 stalls that have been registered with the participation of such major and credible companies as C.P, Skretting, Việt – Úc, De Heus, New Hope, DươngHùng, Bayer, VĩnhThịnh Biostadt, ThầnVương.

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