A lucrative opportunity for turning waste to treasure

Vietnam’s aquaculture industry is experiencing a remarkable boom. In 2022, the sector achieved a staggering output of approximately 5.1 million tons, presenting an enticing opportunity for businesses to tap into a growing market.

However, amidst this success lies an untapped potential: nearly 1 million tonnes of aquaculture waste are discarded each year across Vietnam. But here can be where the real excitement begins.

To date, the majority of fish waste is still destined for the production of fishmeal, utilized as raw material for direct feeding in aquaculture, or being thrown away. But what if there was a way for processors to get more value from their fish waste?

Businesses in Vietnam are already searching innovative ways to transform the seemingly useless aquaculture waste into highly valuable and sought-after products. There are companies already creating value-added ingredients for various industries via processed shrimp co-products and fish by products, which has proved to be immensely successful. If you also want to join the ranks of those turning waste into treasure, there’s an opportunity for you to seize a huge and relatively untapped market.

Imagine transforming those seemingly insignificant parts of fish, like the head, tails, and pins, into premium fish seasoning and fish based ingredients?

Globally, demand for fish seasoning and fish based ingredients is increasing rapidly, especially in Asia. The price for such products has been rising as well. However, the traditional way to process fish waste for ingredients that can be used in seasoning and fish-based products is very time-consuming and energy-heavy, some process taking up to 10 months, which can be prohibitive for many processors.

That’s where Novozymes comes in. By harnessing the power of enzymes, we enable you to extract the goodness hidden within fish waste more efficiently than ever before. Scan the QR code to get the benefit sheet and learn how your business can take advantage out of enzymes.

Enzymes are proteins produced by all living things and they are found in bacteria, fungi, plants, and even if humans. Enzymes have specific functions and act as the catalyst for specific reactions and act on specific substrates.Protease, a kind of enzyme act on protein. Materials rich in protein such as fish, protease aid in faster breakdown of large protein molecules into smaller peptides and amino acids.

Click here to get the benefit sheet and learn how your business can take advantage out of enzymes.

Let’s dive into the process and see what our solutions can bring to table:

Increase productivity: Most fish processing method involves breaking down of its protein components, also called protein hydrolysis. By adding enzymes, the process of protein hydrolysis can be accelerated and the overall processing time shortened. For example, by adding protease to the liquefaction stage in fish sauce processing, the usual required time of 10 months can be reduced to 6 months, as protease can significantly reduce liquefaction time of 4 months to just 1 day. In terms of improving productivity, use of proteases not only reduces processing times but also increases productivity, potentially leading to significant cost savings and improved quality.

Elevate Flavor and Aroma: Peptides and amino acids bring out the natural flavor substances. By obtaining the desired peptides and amino acids enzymatically, the natural and authentic flavor and aroma will be further enhanced. For food seasoning, besides the flavor and aroma improvement, clean label can also be achieved. This is also applicable in palatant production as natural umami enabled by enzymes provides better palatability, and small-molecule peptides and amino acids helps improves digestibility. By incorporating the enzyme solutions to existing processes, businesses can differentiate their offerings in the market by creating seasoning and feed products with better flavor profile and functionality.

Sustainability: Our enzyme solution is a biotechnology that utilizes its catalytic effects, which not only helps save energy consumption in production but also substitutes the use of certain chemicals. Collagen peptide and biofertilizers serve as two excellent examples. In the production of collagen peptide, the extraction process usually involves the use of chemicals. Use of enzymatic solution can reduce use of chemicals without sacrificing the quality, leading to more efficient process. As for fish fertilizers, utilizing enzyme solutions allows the transformation of fish viscera into liquid fertilizers, and the proteolytic function of enzymes can shorten the liquefaction time and reduce sedimentation. Process that usually takes 14 days can be done in only 1 day. Processing fish enzymatically not only saves energy and time through a more optimized and efficient process, it can also enable processors to reduce wastage leading to a more sustainable processing.

Unlock New Revenue Streams: Enzyme solutions are easy to adapt to existing production process with just slight adjustment. Embracing enzyme solutions can offer you the opportunity to produce higher quality or more differentiated products, expand your product portfolio, explore new horizons, and drive growth and diversification for your business.

By understanding what enzymes are and how they can contribute to better ways to utilization, you can rethink about the value it can bring in to your business, whether you are existing fish processors or considering to process fish in the future.  Novozyme’s enzyme solutions can provide significant benefits to fish processing businesses in Vietnam’s aquaculture industry by empowering them to maximize the productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Together, let’s see waste differently! Don’t miss out on the chance to revolutionize your business by reutilizing sea waste.

Novozymes is the world leader in bio-solutions. We deeply engage in the research and development of biotechnology solutions, which produces industrial enzymes and microorganisms. Our business areas include agriculture, bioenergy, biopharma, food and beverage, household care, leather, pulp and paper, textile and wastewater solutions. Novozymes was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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