Bình Định: The whole province has stocked 705 hectares of shrimp

According to the 2021 brackish water shrimp crop calendar issued by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, it is the shrimp farming season 1 and the whole province has stocked shrimp seed on an area of ​​709.4 hectares of pond.

In which, Tuy Phước district stocked 575 hectares, Phù Cát district 25.5 hectares, Phù Mỹ district 63.5 hectares and Hoài Nhơn town 28 hectares, the rest is the high-tech shrimp farming area with 12.9 hectares of the company Viet – Australia Phu My Limited Company and Thanh Ly Limited Company.

According to the Department of Fisheries (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development), in general, this year shrimp farmers have done well the recommendations of the functional sector, stocking shrimp on a seasonal schedule (every year, some areas release shrimp before the schedule, leading to epidemics, causing shrimp to die). There are still some farming areas in Phù Mỹ district, Tuy Phước district, Hoài Nhơn town and Quy Nhơn city, farmers are still improving ponds, water treatment to prepare shrimp for season 1 as recommended in the period from March – May.


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