The position of Ninh Thuận shrimp seed

In 2021, Ninh Thuận’s agriculture sector sets one of the goals of sustainable aquaculture development with a focus on building Ninh Thuận into a center for producing high-quality shrimp seed of the country. If potentials and advantages can be exploited, together with investment in projects of industrial parks, coastal urban areas, tourism, renewable energy, the fisheries sector will contribute to creating breakthroughs in economic development sea.

Worthy of the “capital” of shrimp seed

In March 2021, Ninh Thuận Department of Agriculture and Rural Development successfully organized a workshop to discuss the draft of the Project to develop Ninh Thuận into a center for producing high-quality shrimp seed in the country. The seminar received the attention of scientists and businesses operating in the seafood field, contributing relevant ideas, opening the way for shrimp seed production to develop to a higher level.

In order to build Ninh Thuận into a high-quality shrimp seed production center of the whole country, the province determines the key task in the 2021-2025 period is to prioritize investment in infrastructure works in hatchery production areas. hi-tech seafood; attracting businesses to invest in infrastructure and develop the production of broodstock shrimp Sơn Hải, Phước Dinh commune (Thuận Nam district); arrange and rearrange aquatic seed production facilities in accordance with the general planning space of the province; selection of production processes, application of new science and technology to production… Thanks to practical activities, despite the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the seafood industry faced difficulties in importing broodstock, but Ninh Thuận’s hatchery production in the first eight months of 2021 is estimated at 30,000 billion, up 17% over the same period last year.

Currently, the production of shrimp seed has become industrial scale with the presence of many prestigious domestic and foreign enterprises such as CP, Uni-President, Thang Long, Viet Uc, S6… Most of the Shrimp seed production facilities fully comply with regulations on management and use of broodstock shrimp of clear origin, perform well in environmental and disease inspection and care for the interests of farmers. Many seed establishments have combined selling seeds with feed services and technical services for breeders to breed with good results.

Up to now, Ninh Thuận is worthy of being the largest shrimp hatchery production center in the country with 489 operating facilities, a total capacity of 144,000 m3 incubation tank; operated by a team of experienced technicians trained at home and abroad who are mastering the most advanced production processes; in which, there are 2 production facilities for black tiger shrimp and the only parent breeding center in the country. Seed production has increased sharply every year, by 2020, 42,684 billion postlarvae will be produced, 2.18 times higher than 2015. From 2020 to now, Ninh Thuận’s shrimp seed production has reached nearly 45 billion. In the first month of 2021, it will reach about 24 billion shrimp, accounting for 35% of the country’s seed shrimp.

In order to take advantage of development opportunities, the guiding viewpoint of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People’s Committee in the period of 2021 – 2030 is to fully exploit the advantages of natural conditions, geographical location, knowledgeable and experienced human resources. The enterprise’s experience, dynamism and creativity combine with promoting research and application of advanced science, technology, and modern technology into production stages in order to improve the quality of shrimp seed; thereby affirming Ninh Thuận’s role as an important link in the production chain of Vietnam’s shrimp industry. Taking enterprises as the center of innovation, creativity, investment in science and technology application; promote the socialization of research, cooperation, cooperation, development, market expansion, and increase the value of the certified brand “Ninh Thuận seed shrimp”. Focusing on production transformation, the whole province has 40% of establishments with a capacity of over 1 billion seeds/year to ensure biosafety conditions, 100% of establishments are monitored for disease safety. The output of shrimp seed in the province reached 60 billion; in which, over 70% of high-quality shrimp seed production is produced from qualified establishments; proactively source 100% of broodstock black tiger shrimp, domesticated broodstock Litopenaeus vannamei.

Developing a marine farming model

Ninh Thuận is also known as a locality with many advantages in marine resources. The province’s waters cover an area of ​​over 18,000 square kilometers, located in the center of upwelling water and is one of the key fishing grounds of the country, has many beautiful bays and beaches such as Bình Tiên and Vĩnh Hy, Cà Ná. This is also an ideal habitat for aquatic species of high economic value: mollusks (shellfish, oysters, green mussels…); a group of marine fish (cobia, snapper, grouper, cobia…); crustacean group (lobster, crab, crab…); seaweed (cartilaginous seaweed, seaweed, grape seaweed, seaweed…) and other objects such as sea cucumbers, ornamental creatures.

According to the Fisheries Sub-Department of Ninh Thuận province, marine farming models have contributed to creating jobs and increasing incomes, many of which have developed to become the main occupation of the people. As in Ninh Hai district, taking advantage of the favorable marine ecological environment, people are making the most of the coastal sea surface for aquaculture. Popular marine species chosen by farmers are marine fish of high economic value such as cobia, grouper, pompano, Pacific oyster, lobster and some mollusks.

In order to arouse the potential of aquaculture at sea, the province is promoting the synchronous implementation of solutions to comply with the planning of farming areas, improve marine farming technology to adapt to natural conditions and climate change. At the same time, focus on developing marine aquaculture species with high economic value, competitive advantages, and consumption markets. In the remaining months of 2021, Ninh Thuận will continue to replicate marine farming models for high economic efficiency; promote research and production of high-quality marine fish breeds to meet the diverse needs of farmers. The functional branches open training classes, guide farming techniques, monitor the water environment, warn against diseases, promptly notify farming households to proactively prevent. Localities strengthen food management, disease control, harvest guidance, post-harvest preservation, associate and expand product consumption markets so that marine aquaculture can bring increasingly high economic efficiency.


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