Tiền Giang raises more pangasius in river meadow

The Mekong Delta province of Tiền Giang is extending intensive pangasius farming in river meador to produce high quality fish for export.

The province is using more than 120 ha river meadow to raise fish, mostly pangasius, according to the province’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Tân Phong Commune which is in the Tiền River is one of the major areas for raising pangasius in river meador in the Mekong Delta province. It has more than 60ha of river meadow used to raise pangasius, accounting for 50% of the province total’s pangasius farming area, according to Kiều Mạnh Quân, secretary of the Tân Phong Commune Party Committee.

Cao Văn Hóa, deputy director of the department, said to develop pangasius farming in river meadow, the province has paid attention to zoning farming areas and transfering farming techniques for farmers. The province will also create favourable conditions for farmers to participate in the delta’s three-tier co-operation plan for production of high-quality fish.

The co-operation plan, which was approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in March, aims to establish three-tier pangasius breed production chains that produce about 50% of the Delta’s demand of 2.2 – 2.5 billion fries a year by 2020. The department has encouraged farmers to raise pangasius under GAP standards.The province plans to have about 180ha of pangasius with an annual output of 67,000 tonnes by 2020.


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