Vĩnh Phúc: Efficiency through production transformation

Dynamic in transforming agricultural production in accordance with natural conditions, farmers in Yên Lập village, Vĩnh Tường district actively converted from rice cultivation to fingerlings production, earning a profit of 220 million VND/ha/year, 4 – 6 times higher than rice cultivation.

Yên Lập village has more than 300 households engaged in aquaculture (mainly producing fingerlings) with an area of ​​nearly 97 hectares. In which, nearly 1/3 of the households are farming towards the farm. Every year, Yên Lập village provides hundreds of tons of fingerlings to the market.

According to the district authorities, to develop aquaculture, Yên Lập village has invested in upgrading pumping stations; construction of rural roads; creating favorable conditions in procedures for farming households to borrow capital to expand production scale; to renovate and solidify lagoons and ponds and invest in equipment and machinery for aquaculture.


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