Ca Mau digitalizes management and exploitation

Ca Mau province has been promoting digitalization in the management and exploitation of fisheries, enhancing the efficiency of fishing vessel control and combating IUU fishing.

Phan Hoang Vu, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, shared: “Many software applications have been implemented in management and production, notably: Ca Mau Agriculture software; eCDT (for traceability); Blockchain technology (traceability of aquatic products, especially the mangrove-shrimp farming). Recently, digitalization has been promoted in the management of fishing vessels to combat IUU fishing in the province.”

Since earlier this year, 4,000 fishing vessels of the province have been verified to own valid exploitation licenses, accounting for 98.50%; 2,502 vessels with valid registrations, 84.76%; 100% of active fishing vessels have installed journey monitoring devices; and 100% of the province’s fishing vessel data has been updated on VN-Fishbase software and the Fishing Vessel Monitoring System.

Besides, 36/40 turns of fishing vessels losing offshore connection signal for more than 10 days have been verified. Provincial authorities discovered and fined 60 violations related to fisheries exploitation, with a total amount of nearly 3 billion VND. 100% of the violations have been processed and updated in the software system for monitoring and managing administrative violations in the fisheries sector.

Additionally, 4,524 turns of fishing vessels have been recorded when arriving and departing the port; 8,931 tons of aquatic products proceeded via the port. Since the beginning of the year, no fishing vessels were reported for violating foreign waters, being detained or handled.

The province’s agricultural sector has guided 247 captains/247 fishing vessels how to use the electronic aquatic product traceability system (eCDT), but only 129 devices/129 fishing vessels were successfully installed. The remaining could not be implemented due to the captains not using smartphones.

Vu shared that the province will continue to expand and upgrade rain gauge stations and environmental monitoring stations to provide timely environmental information to aquaculture farmers, especially shrimp farmers. Gradually digitizing irrigation works, canals, ditches, and sluice systems will facilitate the agricultural management.


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