Large amount of Vietnamese pangasius consumed in Northern Europe

The Trade Office of Vietnam in Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Latvia reported that in the European market, pangasius has been mostly consumed in Northern Europe.

According to official statistics, in the first five months of 2022, seafood export value reached USD 4.71 billion, up 44.2% as compared to 2021.

In the EU market, after two years of consecutive decrease in sales, pangasius exports to the EU reached USD 88.6 million in the first five months of 2022, up 89% and shrimp exports reached USD 303.5 million, up 50.8% as compared to the same period last year.

In Northern Europe alone, Vietnamese pangasius has been highly evaluated. The Trade Office of Vietnam in Switzerland reported that in Europe, Vietnamese pangasius has been mainly consumed in Northern Europe.

A large majority of frozen fillet pangasius has been exported to Europe and Northern Europe alone. Professional exporters will import (frozen) pangasius products by container ships and then sell them directly in relevant market segments or carry out the segmentation of pangasius before selling them. In Europe, the final segment of pangasius is Northern European retailers provided by importers and wholesalers.

“Neutral taste of pangasius makes it easy to be mixed with various kinds of food. In the final market, pangasius is sold under different forms, most of which are frozen fillet, but most importantly defrosted and value-added products”, reported Trade Office of Vietnam in Switzerland.

Despite distribution channels of pangasius to the final market, the most important channels are wholesalers and retailers. Local agents play an important role in pangasius business.

As for the retail distribution channel, the Trade Office of Vietnam in Switzerland pointed out clearly that supermarkets in Northern Europe should be paid attention as residents enjoy the convenience, structure and neutral taste of pangasius products. The Northern Europe supermarkets are directed to sustainable development and sales of ASC certificated pangasius products.

More pangasius products are sold in larger supermarkets in Northern Europe which are provided by importers, wholesalers and processors in Europe, depending on presentation and weight of each product. More and more markets are available for defrosted and/or marinated pangasius products.


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