Shrimp exports slightly increase in the first three months of 2020

Vietnam took in $628.6 million from shrimp exports in the first three years, slightly up 1.8% from the previous year. Sales of shrimp in the US saw the most positive growth among the core markets.

The US, which is considered the second destination of Vietnamese shrimps, purchased a worth of $41.3 million of Vietnamese shrimp in Mar 2020, up 11.5% from the same period last year. The accumulated sum in the first three months to this market reached $115.5 million, up 18.2% from last year. This is an impressive growth in sales of Vietnamese shrimp to the top five markets.

The coronavirus spread in the US since Mar 2020 has got imports into this market, shrimp included, delayed. However, demand in the shrimp in the retail market keeps growing.

Sales in Japan accounts for 21% of the total of Vietnamese shrimp export value, giving the country the rank of the first buyer of Vietnamese shrimp in the first quarter of 2020 following a 63% growth in February as compared to the same period last year. Vietnam took in nearly $132 million from shrimp exports to Japan in the first quarter, up 8.4% from last year.

Shrimp exports to EU, Korea and China in Mar 2020 declined by 16%, 6.3%, 6.4% respectively due to the bad impact of the covid-19 pandemic.


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