Nam Định: Supplying 45,000 tons of clams per year

Nam Định is the “capital” of clam seed, not only meeting the local demand but also providing neighboring provinces.

In 1992, clam farming in Nam Định spontaneously started with indigenous clam seeds. By 2004, the province saw new development when white clam seeds (Meretrix lyrata) were introduced in the area and farmers started with this species.

The clam farming industry has grown significantly since 2010 and has become a kep species, providing jobs and income for thousands of local workers.

Tống Thị Lương, Head of the Aquaculture Office at the Nam Định Fisheries Sub-Department, stated that the province has nearly 90 seed production facilities, and local farmers have mastered the technology of clam seed production and nursery.

The potential for clam cultivation in Nam Định has attracted many domestic and foreign enterprises, such as Lenger Seafoods Group from the Netherlands. Lenger has built a modern clam processing plant in the city and has actively established supply chains with clam farmers to ensure a source of qualified materials for the factory. In 2019, Lenger Vietnam established ASC certified supply chains with clam farmers in Nam Định province.

In early 2020, the “Lenger Farm Linkage Area” covering 500 hectares in Nam Điền commune (Nghĩa Hưng) received the first ASC certification for sustainable clam farming in Vietnam, and it is also the first entity in the world to achieve ASC certification for Meretrix lyrata clams.

Nguyễn Hồ Nguyên, General Director of Lenger Vietnam Fisheries Co., Ltd., said, “Lenger Vietnam mainly exports clams to the EU market, accounting for over 90% of the exports. Our main products include frozen whole clams, vacuum-packed clams, and canned clam meat. Lenger Vietnam supplies more than 8,000 tons of frozen clams to the market every year, generating approximately $15 million in annual revenue. It is expected that by 2024, the export volume will reach 10,000 tons per year.”

“In addition, in the domestic market, Lenger Vietnam’s clam products are available in large supermarket chains, clean food stores, and some restaurant chains. In 2022, Lenger Vietnam sold 1,500 tons, achieving around VND 48 billion in revenue”, said Nguyên.


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