Shrimp farmers in Phú Yên are delighted with price bouncing back

After a while of facing challenges due to slump in prices and poor sales, traders have crowded Sông Cầu town of Phú Yên city to purchase lobsters, making the lobster market busier and farmers more delighted.

Trần Xuân Vinh, a lobster farmer in Xuân Yên ward of Sông Cầu town said that the impact of COVID-19 pandemic made prices of shrimp drop with just a few consumers, making farmers face a lot of difficulties. However, traders have crowded Sông Cầu town to purchase lobsters with high prices for the last four days.

At present, green lobsters are sold at 710,000 dong/kg, up 200,000-350,000 dong/kg and rock lobsters are ranging between 1.1 and 1.2 million dong/kg. Such prices have triggered a hope in the run-up to a new crop after a while of rearing harvest-size lobsters to wait for prices to inch up. However, lobster farmers are still worried about possible stagnant business as the COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting exports of multiple countries including China.

So as to tackle difficulties faced by local lobster farmers, Phú Yên authorities directed the Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, People’s Committees of Sông Cầu and Đông Hoà commune of Tuy An district to adopt solutions to commercial lobster consumption in the province. In the next few months, the Department of Industry and Trade will connect the demand and supply of local lobsters to some provinces and cities in the country, with the first event being held in Hồ Chí Minh and Đà Nẵng.

By September 2020, Phú Yên will have stocked nearly 90,700 cages, the output of harvest-size lobsters will reach nearly 500 tons.


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