The exporting market of ocean tuna is still unstable

With the ongoing pandemic in the European countries and the US, exports of ocean tuna are facing difficulties and are unstable. Fisheries is changing the production and consumption to help farmers continue their job.


Enhance domestic consumption

Director of Sustainable Seafood Limited Company specializing in exporting tuna to the US, Nguyễn Thị Thu Thanh, said that they spent 25-30 billion dong buying tuna material every month but exported a worth of 2-3 billion dong.

In this situation, to help farmers sell their exploited tuna promptly, authorities of prefectures ramped up adopting solutions to tuna consumption to resolve difficulties faced by the tuna exploitation and processing sector at this moment.

In particular, Phú Yên encouraged companies to advertise tuna products and ramped up domestic consumption through services and tourism activities. The Phú Yên People’s Committee does not encourage fishermen to increase fishing boats but focus on storage after exploitation to enhance tuna quality and boost domestic consumption.


Overcome difficulties with fishermen

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development required professional management agencies and industrial associations to actively develop methods and scenarios of exporting agricultural products and seafood to satisfy the growing demand of consumers worldwide when the pandemic is over.

The ministry gave a warning that low effective fishing boats should be halted during this time. They must be cured and repaired. This will reduce the strength of exploitation in a short time until marine resources will be recovered.

The ministry suggests that the Decree no. 67/2014/NĐ-CP dated July 07, 2014 regarding some policies of fisheries development must be amended and supplemented before submitting to the Government; a project of enhancing the product value of exploited marine species must be developed and other synchronous solutions must be maintained for sustainable development in the next few months.


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