Companies are accompanied with VietShrimp

The VietShrimp 2020 in Cần Thơ is four months away, urging the companies to embrace themselves with new and high-quality products and the most impressive trademark promotion plan.

Business Director of NAN Biotech Nguyễn Xuân Ngân: Enhance the quality of Vietnamese shrimp

NAN Biotech is one of subsidiaries of NAN Group and defines its principle as a companion with the farmers to build a sustainable business. The company focuses on four goals: (1) natural and organic, (2) take use of by-products to reduce the waste of resources, (3) create and innovate based on the science technology, and (4) build a complete product ecosystemin the favor of farmed animals, plants, human, and living environment. Upon these core value, the company introduces four lines of product to reduce the usage of antibiotics and chemicals in farms, enhance the quality of commercial shrimps and retain the position of Vietnamese shrimp in the globalmarket. Nan Biotech is planning to launch the program of being accompanied with farmers to protect the environment, following the campaign of “No plastic waste” launched by the Prime Minister. It includes confiscating the plastic bottles in exchange for products and giving everyone the cloth bag in replacement of plastic one to gradually reduce the plastic waste in the shrimp cultivation sector.

During the VietShrimp 2020, we hope the companies in the shrimp sector will work together to disseminate and talk the farmers out of antibiotics usage and interim farming measures to enhance the general quality of the Vietnamese shrimp. If they can do that, the shrimp exports will run steadily without depending on some specific markets or companies and will not worry whenever the shrimp price drops or the sale reduces or fails to meet the requirementsand be returned.

General Director of BQ&Q Dương Thanh Triều: A chance for learning and exchanging

The big challenge that shrimp and fish farmers and producers are facing is the “faith” in quality and price. Acknowledging that, BQ&Q company hopes to gain trust from the farmers and producers by offering them qualified products imported from the developing countries such as Yucca from Baja Agroin, Mexico and EDTA (Dissolvine) from Akzo Nobel, Netherlands. These products are sold at reasonable price with an aim to sustainable development and longevity of the aquaculture industry which is supposed to be safe and friendly to the environment and says no to the prohibited substances.

The company wants VietShrimp 2020 to bridge the gap between BQ&Q and companies related to aquaculture industry and fish, shrimp farmers so that they can learn and exchange experiences, approach advanced technologies, update technical information, and achieve high efficiency in shrimp sector and aquaculture industry.VietShrimp 2020 is a chance for BQ&Q to introduce its products to other companies and helps the agencies and farmers learn more about its products and services. This is to enable them to have steady income from aquaculture and facilitate the Vietnam’s fishery trademark to rise to the heights and reach the world.


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