How to combine sustainability and economic efficiency?

Founded for the agricultural world, the Avril group acts to feed the best of nature to people. Through our Raison d’être, we are working for agriculture including Aquaculture, which we are making more efficient and respectful of the planet today, and which we want to be even more audacious tomorrow.

In this way, at miXscience and its Vietnamese subsidiary miXscience Asia, health, safety and sustainability are at the center of our concerns.

We are looking to the future with a particular focus on animal welfare and the improvement of the farming environment. Aware of the daily challenges faced by farmers and the diversity of species and aquaculture farming systems around the world, our team of experts can support you on your development.

Our solutions aim to reduce the use of chemicals in challenging situations in aquaculture, to limit their impact on the environment, the animals and the industry.

MiXscience Aqua’s global solution is built around 4 complementary products targeting the 3 main pillars of aquaculture production: pathogens, environment and animals.

To act on the environment and more specifically on the water quality and biosecurity, miXscience and its sister company specialized in Microbiology called Nolivade, have developed a solution dedicated to aquaculture: the Noliflore Aqua.

Noliflore Aqua is a biocontrol product based on the competitive exclusion principle (competition and antagonist compounds secretion) provided by different strains of beneficial bacterias.

To complete its action on the environment, MiXscience offers 3 Innovative Feed Solutions to be used in (feedmill) or on the shrimp and fish feed (top coating at the farm):

  • MiX-Amune: a product to maximize the yields under stress conditions (temperature variations, handling, salinity changes, etc …) based on the immune defenses stimulation and modulation through complementary immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects to protect your animals without to waste energy.

  • MiX-Alive: a unique and patented solution developed for aquaculture and its challenges (Virus and bacteria). Thanks to a broad-spectrum mode of action based on the denaturation of the protein leading to a positive modulation of the animals’ gut microflora, MiX-Alive helps to control the pathogenic pressure in the animal to overcome the challenges without the use of chemicals.
  • A-Coverost: a specific feed solution which targets EHP in shrimp through two complementary modes of action: mechanical and biological. Acting in the beginning of the replication cycle (extracellular phase) the product helps to stop the multiplication of the endoparasite by stopping the germination of the spores. This mechanism allows A-Coverost to control the parasitic load in the HP/gut of the animal (end their release in the environment) to limit the impact of the infection on the growth. As an insurance, A-Coverost will help your shrimp to keep growing and reach a commercial size for you to optimize the yield in challenging conditions.

MiXscience Aqua team will be more than happy to exchange with you for further details and support you to make your production more efficient, profitable and responsible. Thanks to its sustainable approach based on solutions, a combination of products and services, MiXscience will be your best partner to help you to face the tomorrow’s challenges.


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