Nghệ An: Fish and shrimp died in an unusual mass on the Con River

On March 18, 2021, it’s appeared a phenomenon of indifferent fish and shrimp scattered on Con River, passing through Nghĩa Đồng, Nghĩa Bình, Nghĩa Thái, Nghĩa Hoàn, Tân Long… of Tân Kỳ district. By the morning of March 19, this situation still happened in the above river sections.

Many types of fish and shrimp are sporadically scattered on the Con River, passing through the communes of Nghia Đồng, Nghĩa Bình, Nghĩa Thái, Nghĩa Hoàn, Tân Long.

Many people on the two sides of the river used a net to pick up fish, only in the morning people picked up weights of fish. The worry is that there are many people who collect fish to eat or sell to traders.

Facing the above situation, the People’s Committee of Tân Kỳ district checked along a 10km long river in the district and took a water sample and sent it to the provincial authorities for testing to find the cause; at the same time, it is recommended that people should not buy, sell and eat fish without knowing the cause of floating in the above rivers. 


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