Plan for consuming agricultural products amid outbreak concerns

On the afternoon of February 3., in Hà Nội, the ministries of Trade and Agriculture and Rural Development held a conference with the attendance of representatives of ministries, sectors, local authorities, companies and association to work out short-term and long-term solutions to boost the trade of Vietnam’s commercial agricultural products amid the increasing outbreak concerns.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyễn Xuân Cường said that the coronavirus outbreak had a serious effect on the economy with the agriculture industry suffering the most. China is the biggest destination of Vietnamese agricultural products, accounting for 22-24% of the country’s total exports, vast majority of vegetables and fruits.

Early 2020, China postponed importing Vietnamese seafood products. Particularly, many Chinese importers notified that Vietnamese companies should halt their delivery until 09 February 2020 or China’s announcement of normal business activities.

VASEP’s representative said there might be some opportunities from risks as the consumption tradition is changed with decrease in fresh products and increase in frozen and canned ones. Once a big competitor against Vietnam in tuna trading, China is now seeing a sharp fall in tuna’s price while multiple countries refuse to import this species from China. Vietnam’s companies are benefiting from this situation to increase market share and price.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development adopts two plans against coronavirus outbreak. The Agricultural Products Processing and Development Department and professional departments will actively work with the Trade Office of the Vietnam Embassy in countries to develop market share in the important and potential countries. If the outbreak prolongs, the Ministry will cooperate with associations and companies to boost trade promotion so that our products can enter big supermarkets. Moreover, the domestic market should be put into the first priority and companies are encouraged to improve the production and storage.


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