Build a value chain of agricultural products in large markets

That was spoken by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phùng Đức Tiến at a seminar to kick off the project “Network for Agriculture and Rural Development Think-tanks for Countries in Mekong sub-region – NARDT” set up by Institute of Policy and Strategy of Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSARD) of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and International Fund of Agriculture Development (IFAD) in Hà Nội.

IFAD funded IPSARD to perform the project which lasts 5 years from 2019 to 2023. Coordinators from countries include Center for Economic and Social Development of Myanmar (CESD), National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute of Laos (NAFRI), and Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI). The project aims at cooperation in research, dialogue, quality improvement, effectiveness of research, activity and performance of agriculture and rural development policies in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

The particular objective is to set up a research network where members can share information and policies to reach a mutual sustainable agriculture and rural development sector; determine opportunities, challenges and major matters in agriculture and rural development sector to study and consult the policy making, knowledge sharing and power enhancement.

Institutionalize the innovation, maintain and widen positive impact of the project funded by IFAD or other partners in the Mekong sub-region.

Deputy MARD Phùng Đức Tiến said that with NARDT, Vietnam and other countries would enhance their cooperation and valuable experience sharing in agriculture development among countries of the Mekong sub-region through the network of policy consultation not only from the Governments but also from non-government organizations and private sectors from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.


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