Gentle Quy Nhơn coastal city

Quy Nhơn beach is fresh with fine white sand and Thi Nhân hill next to gentle Ghềnh Ràng, bringing romantic and peaceful moments to visitors.

Tourism potential

Quy Nhơn is in the southeast of Bình Định, surrounded by green mountains and South China Sea. The bow-shaped city gets a range of coconut-trees swinging in the wind. Quy Nhơn is known as the city rich of natural resources with Phương Mai peninsula 100km in width, Thị Nải 50km and over 20 thousand hectares of woods.

The coastal city gets favorable weather conditions with 42km long beach, small and big islands, famous landscapes and ranked historic vestiges. Quy Nhơn is planning to become the city where people remember and come for leisure and sightseeing. Local authorities are making tourism be the key industry of the area.

How romantic it is?

Quy Nhơn is well-known for interesting places Ghềnh Ráng – Tiên Sa and Quy Hòa beach. Ghềnh Ráng – TiênSa is attracted to visitors due to the ancient tomb of famous poet Hàn Mặc Tử and Hoàng Hậu beach which is so-called Trứng beach. Tourists find it interesting to see fine egg-shaped stones in different sizes stacked up along the beach. Some feel peaceful to stand on the side of the mountain in one leg and the other lowering into the wavy water. It is so peaceful and romantic to hear sound of birds singing above the trees and waves lapping the sand.Beyond Hoàng hậu beach is Thi nhân hill where visitors may wallow in romantic pleasures.

QuyNhơn is famous for Thị Nải cross bridge 7 km long connecting Quy Nhơn and Phương Mai peninsula. Besides, Cù Lao Xanh is attractive for sightseeing and diving. Visitors might enjoy local special food like sea cucumber, sea snail and sea urchin.

For its wild beaty and fresh air, QuyNhơn is taking its local advantage to become one of the most interesting placesof the country.


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