Vietnam is still the largest shrimp supplier of England

Vietnamese shrimp exports to England have seen growth since 2012 because this country boost importing warm-water shrimps which are sold at reasonable price and can be replaced cold-water ones. Prices of cold-water shrimps have been increasing when major suppliers reduced their quota, leaving slump in production. Sales of warm-water shrimps in England’s supermarkets and retail stores have kept increasing while decreases in cold-warer shrimps.

England is the third largest buyer of shrimps among EU countries, after Spain and France. While Spain imports shrimps for domestic consumption and processing to export to other countries in the group, England buys shrimps for just its own consumption.

In the last four years, England has been noticed by Vietnam’s shrimp companies. England has always kept the first or second rank among largest importers of Vietnamese shrimps since 2014. There has been noticable increase in sales from 114.6 million USD in 2014 to 210.6 million USD in 2017 (nearly 84%).

Among EU countries, England is the largest importer of Vietnamese shrimps, accounting for nearly 36% of total Vietnam’s sales to EU and 6.8% of sales to the world. Exports of Vietnamese shrimps to England reached 62.6 million in Q IV 218, down 14% due to Brexit, which has had bad inpact to import-export and consumption of seafood. Sales of Vietnamese shrimp to England saw growth in 2018 with value 238.4 million USD.

In January 2019, Vietnamese shrimp exports to England reached 16 million USD, down 4.1% year on year.

England’s import of shrimps was worth 827.2 million USD in 2018, down 0.1% as compared to the previous year. Vietnam is the largest supplier of shrimps, accounting for 26.4% of total shrimps imported into England. India is the second largest seller with 15.1%. There is increase in importing shrimps from Vietnam, Denmark and Iceland while decrease from India, Canada and Bangladesh as compared to 2017.


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