Bến Tre: Develop hi-tech based shrimp marine aquaculture in Bình Đại district

As of December 2022, the total area of hi-tech based shrimp farms reached 1,303.17 ha/2,000 ha in Bình Đại district of Bến Tre province, with 439 households participating. Those farms are mainly located in areas of high salinity all over the year. The large farming area enables farmers to easily control water environment, water resources, health of shrimps, disease outbreaks, and stocking density at each phase.

It is an entirely closed system with water and waste being closely treated; therefore, pathogens are easily controlled, and environmental pollution is reduced. Thus, the hi-tech based shrimp farm has been proved to be safer and more effective than traditional earthen ponds. The grow-out pond system is changed. Large ponds are replaced with small ponds (about 1,000m2 – 1,200 m2 each), most of which are used as settling ponds and treatment ponds.

The grow-out ponds are lined around the side and at the bottom, equipped with an aeration system, siphon at the bottom and automatic feeders. At phase 1, post larvae are nursed in raceways in 25-30 days before being put into the second phase. The two phases run in 60-70 days until shrimps can be harvested with productivity of 60-70 tons/ha/crop. The profit of hi-tech based farms of white leg shrimps increased up to 2 billion dong/ha, while it was 500 million dong/ha with traditional ponds.

As reported by Bình Đại district, the authority plans to use 2,450ha of land for hi-tech based shrimp farms. So as to reach 2,000 ha of hi-tech based shrimp farms by 2025, Bình Đại has been calling for investors such as Donacop, C.P Corporation, and Minh Phú Corporation. The district worked with Minh Phú Corporation about the plan of investing into 300ha of land in Thạnh Phước commune and the Corporation agreed.

Bình Đài is going to cooperate with small production facilities to form a large scale material area, plays as a contact of traders and businesses, attract investments to build processing factories and seafood service facilities, work with Minh Phú Corporation to build a hi-tech shrimp culture project on the basis of cooperation with farmers (300ha). As many as 18,000 ha of land will be used on aquaculture, with 6,000 ha for intensive marine shrimp culture (2,000 ha for hi-tech application), some hectares for mangrove-extensive shrimp culture, and 8,500 ha for shrimp-rice culture. Over 45,000 tons of marine shrimp will be harvested per year. The district will focus on mutiply the hi-tech based farming area in Bình Thới, Bình Thắng, Đại Hòa Lộc, Thạnh Trị, Thạnh Phước, Thừa Đức and Thới Thuận communes.


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