Bình Định: Organic aquaculture of shrimp – crab – fish effectively

The integrated aquaculture of shrimp, crab, and fish is a model developed by the Bình Định provincial Center of Agriculture Extension in Thị Nải pond that has brought high economic efficiency and protected a sustainable farming environment.

Thị Nải lagoon has over 900 ha of aquaculture area, with the land used for mangrove accounting for nearly 600 ha. In 2022, the Bình Định provincial Center of Agriculture Extension deployed the model “Integrated aquaculture of shrimp, crab, and fish in a mangrove pond” in the one hectare area owned by Nguyễn Thế Lập in Vinh Quang 2 of Phước Sơn commune, Tuy Phước district.

Households participating in the model were provided with 50% of breeds and necessary materials to build the model. Lập stocked 100 thousand of black tiger shrimp (3-5cm each), 1,000 fish (6cm each), and 2,000 mud crabs (1.5 cm each). After five months of stocking, those animals weighed up well with a high survival rate (black tiger shrimp of 62%, mud crab of 43%, and fish of 85%), no diseases being detected, and sizes meeting requirements (black tiger shrimp: 22g each, green crab 250g each, and fish 400g each). The output reached 1,919kg (with 1,364kg of black tiger shrimp, 215kg of crab, and 340g of fish) and Lập earned around 177 million dong after costs.

Lập added that he always followed the technique process that he had been instructed and the technique did not affect the development of mangrove.

Trương Xuân Đưa, Head of the Research station of application in agriculture (under the Center of Agriculture Extension), said that was a model of biosafety polyculture. The culture of various species in the same area, at the same crop helps take advantage of natural feed, and leftover feed from key species, bringing out high economic efficiency to farmers. Farmers have successfully carried out this model and had higher income than shrimp monoculture. Not only does this model bring out economic efficiency, but also it is stable and ecofriendly.

According to the Bình Định provincial Center of Agriculture Extension, the Center developed the pilot model in two places, Phù Cát and Tuy Phước districts in 2022. This is the polyculture of shrimp, crab, and fish in the direction of biosafety, with shrimp playing as the key farmed species and taking advatage of natural feed available in the grow-out pond and no chemical substances as well as antibiotic.


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