Bình Thuận eyes development of marine aquaculture

Marine aquaculture in Bình Thuận province has been relatively stable, with little impact from diseases. Therefore, people have focused on marine aquaculture with many economically valuable species such as grouper, barramundi, and lobster.

The entire province has 3,081 sea cages and 11 protective ponds covering 4,164 square meters for marine aquaculture; 15 households are commercially culturing sweet snails covering 12 hectares of water surface. Phú Quý and Tuy Phong districts are the areas where marine aquaculture is developing strongly, with an average output of about 120 tons per year.

The province continues to leverage its advantages in shrimp seed production and maintain the brand of Bình Thuận shrimp seed. In 2023, the export volume of shrimp seeds reached an estimated 25.5 billion VND. 

Currently, in the Chí Cong concentrated aquatic seed production area (phase 1), 5 enterprises have been allocated land for investment, producing high-tech shrimp seeds on an area of 37 hectares. Among them, CP Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company plans to invest 460 billion dong; Nam Trung Bo Shrimp Seed Production Limited Company invests 120 billion dong.

To implement the project for the development of marine aquaculture in Bình Thuận province until 2030, with a vision to 2045, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will implement measures to promote aquaculture in localities according to the ecological conditions of each region and apply advanced technology to make breakthroughs in marine aquaculture.


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