Trà Vinh Promoting the growth of brackish water shrimp industry

On March 15, in Duyên Hải town, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Trà Vinh province, in collaboration with the People’s Committee of Duyên Hải town, organized a seminar titled “Solutions to promote the development of the brackish water shrimp industry in Trà Vinh province”.

Trần Trường Giang, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Trà Vinh province, stated that with a coastline of 65 kilometers, Trà Vinh possesses significant potential and strengths for the development of aquaculture, with shrimp farming identified as a key economic sector of the province. In 2023, the shrimp farming areas reached 31,650 hectares, yielding 90,031 tons, valued at 7,359 billion VND. Trà Vinh ranks 6th in terms of farming area, 3rd in productivity, and 5th in production among provinces in the Mekong Delta region.

However, the shrimp industry in the province is currently facing numerous difficulties and challenges. The infrastructure in aquaculture areas is incomplete, and farmers and businesses lack capital, seeds, feed, medicine, and stable aquaculture products.

At the seminar, management agencies and businesses related to aquaculture proposed various solutions to sustainably develop the brackish water shrimp industry. Some businesses also introduced shrimp farming models utilizing high technology, producing high-resilience breeding stock through biological processes to resist diseases, as well as low-cost shrimp farming models with high success rates, and minimizing disease risks.

Lê Tấn Thới, Head of the Fisheries Quality Management Division (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Trà Vinh province), proposed policy solutions to support the shrimp industry, encourage shrimp farming households to reorganize production in the direction of value chain; comply with ecological standards and environmental protection regulations, and satisfy source traceability requirements.

Phan Văn Lượng, Deputy General Director of Bioblue Vietnam Company, suggested supporting some land to build a high-quality commercial shrimp farming area with high productivity as a focal model of the province. From there, experiences can be shared and models replicated for farmers in Tra Vinh and neighboring provinces.

Quách Văn Đực, from Long Toàn commune, Duyên Hải town, has engaged into  hi-tech based white leg shrimp farming since 2015 on a total area of ​​13.4 hectares with 18 ponds, stocking 250 shrimp fry/m2 on average. Đực shared that from 2015 to 2022, his family consistently earned profits between 3.5 and 5 billion VND per year, with yields ranging from 250 to 350 tons. However, in 2023, shrimp prices sharply decreased to 118,000 VND/kg (24 pieces) and 100,000 VND/kg (30 pieces), causing his family to incur losses. He hopes that relevant authorities will regularly provide farmers with forecasts and updates about market price situations, support cooperative production households, form cooperatives, associations, clubs, etc., to exchange experiences and market demand information.


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