Bình Thuận tightens the management of post larvae quality

So as to maintain the credibility and trademark of Bình Thuận’s post larvae and satisfy requirements of shrimp farmers, Bình Thuận has adopted solutions to enhance the quality of post larvae.

According to Bình Thuận provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the province has had 133 farming areas with 778 facilities related to production and nursery of aquatic species, 80 of which are large scale ones. White leg shrimp are mainly produced while just a few facilities focus on black tiger shrimp.


A steady growth has been recorded in production and consumption of post larvae in the province, with 25 billion posts being produced in 2021, accounting for 18% of the total output and amount consumed in the whole country.

Bình Thuận provides post larvae to most of the shrimp farming areas in the country, especially the Mekong Delta where large industrial shrimp farms are located such as Sóc Trăng, Bến Tre, and Bạc Liêu. Bình Thuận’s post larvae are evaluated by shrimp farmers for quick growth and high quality.

Nguyễn Văn Chiến, Deputy Director of Bình Thuận provincial department of Agriculture and Rural Development said that so as to maintain the credibility and trademark of Bình Thuận’s post larvae in the market and satisfy the requirements of shrimp farmers around the province, the agriculture sector has been adopting solutions to enhance the quality of post larvae.

Bình Thuận’s post larvae is determined as an advantageous product to map out a strategic plan of developing Vietnam’s shrimp sector up to 2025. Chiến said that the province would continue to boost the production of brackish water shrimp so as to maintain the quality and trademark of the local post larvae and affirm the position of post larvae capital of the province.

So as to fulfill the target, the province will focus on applying new technologies and high technologies in producing post larvae such as seawater treatment, post larvae quality control by PCR, nursery of fresh algae as feed for post larvae.

Moreover, the province will continue to attract businesses with potential in technology and finance and experiences in producing post larvae for their investment into a hitech shrimp production area in Chí Công aquatic breeding are (the first phase). The province will propose the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to invest into the second phase so as to establish a large scale aquatic breeding area (about 150ha) with synchronous infrastructure, attracting hitech projects of producing high value post larvae and aquatic species.

As for the agriculture sector, the management of post larvae quality must be enhanced, the conditions of production, nursery and quarantine of post larvae must be checked, the use of feed and drugs must also be managed.


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