Cà Mau, Tiền Giang develops coastal marine aquaculture

A number of production models have been applied in Cà Mau to increase output such as shrimp-rice model and all-male shrimp breeding production model. Tiền Giang is widening the coastal seafood production area with an aim to exports to the US and Japan. 

Cà Mau provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said that the province is shifting to expand aquaculture areas and reduce rice fields. As many as 1,100 hectares of ineffective rice fields have been used for other crops or aquaculture at the same time, with 950 ha of shrimp-rice culture model. 

From 2019 to 2022, a number of projects and production models have been carried out such as the project of developing and improving the efficiency of the giant river prawn-rice culture model on a rice field, the all-male giant river prawn farming model on a rice field, and the giant river prawn culture model.

Besides, the mud crab farming model has been developed in Thới Bình district where promotion activities are being implemented to call for businesses to take part in a value chain of crab products.

Cà Mau produced 386,000 tons of aquatic species from aquaculture last year, with over 218,000 tons of shrimp. The provincial seafood export value totalled USD 1.3 billion per year, accounting for 12% of the country’s aquatic export value.

Tiền Giang is expanding the coastal seafood production. Clams and clam breeding stocks are produced in Gò Công with an average stocking density of 15-20 pcs/dm2 or 100-150 pcs/dm2 in some places while Ông Mão and Ông Liễu islets (in Gò Công Đông district) and Ngang islet (in Tân Phú Đông district) are focusing on developing clams and generative blood cockles.

Tiền Giang has 2,300 ha of clam farms, 4,000 ha of shrimp farms, producing 15,000 – 17,000 tons of clams and 16,000 tons of shrimp every year.

The province is working with the Sub-department of Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance Department to build a MSC standard for the clam production area in Gò Công, aiming to export clams to the EU, the US and Japan.

Moreover, Tân Phú Đông and Gò Công Đông districts of Tiền Giang province are expanding their shrimp farms. In Tân Phú Đông, the shrimp farming area is up to over 7,500 ha, and more than 30,000 tons of farmed species are produced.


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