Cam Bình: Bumper crop brings lobster farmers huge profit

Farmers in shrimp capital of Khánh Hòa – Cam Bình are reaping a bumper crop of lobsters without any damages from diseases and floods; plus, price of lobsters have been stable, making farmers earn high profit.

Chairman of Cam Bình People’s Committee Nguyễn Ân says flood hit most of farming areas in Cam Ranh city except for Cam Bình. There were over 900 households in the commune, managing around 8,000 cages. After 12 months of stocking, more than 360 tons of lobsters were sold, exceeding the year’s target of 100 tons.

“Farmers embraced themselves for floods to reach production target. In flood season, cages were moved away from the shore, carefully supported and lowered beneath the surface to prevent freshwater from intruding. The intrusion might reduce salinity, causing lobster’s death. Bình Ba has avoided floods for the last two years by this method”, says Ân.

According to Chairman of Cam Bình Farmers Society, green lobsters have been emerging in the last few years, accounting for two third of production. Buying young green lobsters is easier and cheaper than rock lobsters. Besides, grow-out cycle of green lobster is short, around 9-12 months, speeding up farmers’ payback period, while rock lobster is 14-15 months. Green lobsters are fed simply by low value fish, while rock lobsters require expensive feed such as fresh crabs. Prices of commercial lobster are stable this year. It remained over 700 thousand dong/kg between July and August, less than 900 thousand dong/kg between November and December and even 950-970 thousand dong/kg at some time, making farmers earn 30-40% profit.


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