Đồng Nai: Seafood production value reaches 2.1 trillion dong

According to Agriculture and Rural Development Department, seafood exports of ĐồngNai reaches nearly 2.1 trillion VND per year and total seafood volume is 59.5 thousand tons.

The province has 8.1 thousand hectares of aquaculture area, which is planned for safety and quality assurance to build its own trademark. Local authorities pay attention to control system to assure that nursery facilities meet standard quality. There are four farming areas certified VietGAP scheme in Tân Phú, Định Quán, Vĩnh Cửu and Nhơn Trạch.

Đồng Nai provincial Agriculture and Rural Development Department continues to work with local authorities to survey the location to develop culture areas under VietGAP standards.

Đồng Nai People’s committee has decided to approve the Project of planning a centralized aquaculture area in Nhơn Trạch during 2017-2020 and vision to 2030. This 700ha area will be funded 226 billion dong for infrastructure, mainly from State budget and other economic sectors. It has 682ha of fresh water shrimps and 21ha of oysters.

The project is to develop the province’s potential and strength and promote NhơnTrạch’s aquaculture for safety assurance. This will enhance the sector’s added value and sustainability, help farmers raise their income, promote economic growth, and protect environmental ecology. The project will be applied advanced technology and new standards to improve production, capacity and create products for food safety and hygiene assurance.

Besides, the province is boosting production under value chain from farms to table, reorganization, and investment to develop integrated infrastructure; and paying attention to protect the environment, adapt climate change, and deal with sea level rise.


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