Quảng Trị: Nearly 170 ha of shrimp found dead, farmers suffering

Shrimp have been found dead since early May. Nearly 170 ha of shrimp farms have been reported with massive death in Quảng Trị so far. Local farmers are seriously suffering.

Farmer Nguyễn Văn Vẽ in Phan Hiền village of Vĩnh Sơn commune (Vĩnh Linh district) has six shrimp ponds of 1.8 hectares. He borrowed some money from the bank to renovate the ponds, buy breeding stocks and feed. However, after 15 days of stocking, the shrimp didn’t eat and died. He lost about 200 million dong.

Nguyễn Khắc Kiên, in Phan Hiền village, said that shrimp had been found dead since late May. He used Chloramine to handle the situation at that time; however, nothing changed. 

At this moment, most of the shrimps in Kiên’s ponds were dead even though they had been stocked for 60 days. He has to watch the ponds frequently to take out the dead shrimps so as to prevent pollution at the bottom of the ponds. Those dead shrimp can’t not be sold but used as pork or chicken feed.

Some shrimp farms in Vĩnh Sơn are renovating and handling the pond bottom to prepare for the new stocking. However, summer heat and insufficient chemical substances may result in a disastrous harvest.

Hồ Ngọc Quyết, Vice Chairman of Vĩnh Sơn commune People’s Committee said that local shrimp farmers got water from Sa Lung and Bến Hải rivers. After observing abnormal changes in water from these rivers at the beginning of the crop, local authorities gave warnings to farmers that they shouldn’t rush to stock but they still did. That’s one of the reasons why many shrimps are dead now.

Vĩnh Sơn has more than 160 ha of shrimp farms, with nearly 110 ha being dead. When the disease outbreak occurred, shrimp farmers in Vĩnh Sơn were provided with 25 tons of Chlorine by the provincial Sub-department of Agriculture and Rural Development to handle the situation. However, they need over 52 tons actually. This results in a risk of a widespread infection.

According to the Quảng Trị provincial Sub-department of Livestock and Animal health, Vĩnh Linh district reported nearly 157 ha of shrimps be dead as of June 13, with 110 ha in Vĩnh Sơn commune, 27 ha in Hiền Thành commune, and 12.5 ha in Vĩnh Giang commune.



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