On-sand shrimp farming brought huge benefits

Farmers are quite eager for huge benefits obtained from the third crops of on-sand shrimp farming.

Farmers earn big money

Harvest of white leg shrimps is taking place for the third time. Farmer Nguyễn Thanh Hùng in Đồng Trị village, Bình Hải commune (Thăng Bình) is so happy for earning a large amount of money. He invested into stocking 300 thousand juvenile white leg shrimps in three ponds of 6,000 m2 early October. Three months later, he harvested 2.5 tons of shrimps which were sold at 400 million dong, making him earn more than 250 million of profit. “It is the most successful crop that I’ve ever had. I was afraid that shrimps would grow slowly because of bad weather, so I stocked them at low density. However in 2019 I am making higher density to expect higher yield and bigger profit”, says Hùng.

White leg shrimp farming in sand farms using mulch in Núi Thành is going to be harvested for the third season. Nguyễn Hào in Hòa Bình village, Tam Hòa commune says that he has spent the whole year on farming white leg shrimps in sands and been so happy for bumper crops and high price. Hào invested 500 thousand juvenile white leg shrimps in 1ha sand farms in the last crop. Those shrimps, that were taken good care, were free from diseases and getting shocked in new environment conditions. Harvesting 5 tons of commercial shrimps after three months of rearing, Hào earned more than 700 million dong, of which 500 million was profit. “White leg shrimps are so vulnerable that I have water well treated. I bought selected juveniles provided by Viet-Uc regardless of high price. Besides, I fed them with vitamin, minerals and probiotic to help them raise their vital resistance and immunize them against environment changes, especially prolonged cold and rainy weather”, says Hào.

Encourage quality farming system

Head of Sub-department of Fisheries Phạm Thị Hoàng Tâm says shrimp farming in sand has more advantages than farming in tidal area because of spontaneous farms, quality water resources, and high investments from households. Besides, farmers are aware of protecting environment, shrimps therefore grow up in favorable conditions. At this time price of commercial shrimps are staying high due to short supply. “Farmers do not lower their prices upon traders’ request because their shrimps are well reared in ponds using mulch without antibiotic. Some sell their commercial shrimps at least 150,000 dong/kg and get a lot of money”, says Tam.

Quảng Nam Sub-department of Fisheries advises farmers to dry their ponds for a while to stabilize the environment after the third crop. Farmers are encouraged to rear shrimps with probiotic and without antibiotic so that shrimps will weigh up well for quality assurance. According to Vice Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Ngô Tấn, on-sand shrimp farming is encouraged as farmers and companies are ready to promote worthwhile investment, handle disposal treatment before discharge, apply high technology and pay attention to industrial farming for export. He says “Quảng Nam is not a shrimp capital but has made remarkable steps as it manages the whole system of shrimp farming by organizing water treatment, pond cleaning, feeding, mineral provision, and disposal treatment in orders. Advanced models of shrimp farming which bring huge profits will be a possible future direction of development, attracting high investment from companies.


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