Super-intensive shrimp farming with three phases applied with high technology

Viet-Uc Seafood Corporation has recently started a super-intensive shrimp farming with three phases and achieved high efficiency in Hoà Bình district of Bạc Liêu province.

Three – phase super-intensive shrimp farming practice involves one phase of nursery within 20 days and two phases of commercial farming, 50 days each.

The grow-out pond system is designed with three ponds: one nursery pond for the first phase, one nursery pond for the second phase and one grow-out pond for the third phase. These ponds are round and installed with biosafety steel frames which are better than lining inland ponds. Besides, there is a water treatment system and a discharge treatment zone, assuring the water environment from the inside and leaving no impacts on the environment from the outside.

Shrimps are reared following the rules of aerodynamics. Machines are designed with a quantitative function which can quantify the exact amount of feed, and equipped with an inductor to detect any feed getting stuck inside and tell users through a warning light. An application software is developed in Android mobiles , swiftly providing users with parameters such as feed rate in every hour, timer of spraying feed based on the total amount of feed needed in the day. It takes a few seconds to connect mobiles with the feeder by Bluetooth.

Viet Uc Seafood Corporation uses new generation post larvae with free pathogens, high vital resistance and growth speed. No antibiotics but probiotics is used so that shrimps meet the standards for exports to any country. After 115 days of stocking, shrimps weigh up big (24 pcs/kg), bringing an output of nearly 10 tons, increasing survival rate by 90%, saving production cost up to 20-25% compared to traditional farms. One of the major advantages of this practice is to increase crops per year, save water and minimize environmental impacts.


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