Singapore and Philipines – two emerging importers of Vietnam’s pangasius

There has been favorable conditions for Vietnam’s pangasius export to ASEAN in 2018, with volume reaching 183.5 million USD by November, up 43.7% year-on-year.

Increase in sales are recorded in three top buyers of Vietnam’s pangasius Thailand, Singapore and Philippines as compared to 2017 with 48.1%, 25.1% and 39.3% respectively.

Pangasius exports to Thailand reaches 67.5 million USD in eleven months of 2018, accounting for 36.8% of Vietnam’s pangasius exports to ASEAN and making Thailand become the biggest buyer of Vietnam’s pangasius in region. According to statistics of ITC, Vietnam has been major supplier of white meat fish to Thailand in ten months of 2018, mainly frozen pangasius fillet, with average value of 4.4 – 6.9 million USD/month and volume of 2,000 – 3,754 tons/month. Besides Vietnam’s pangasius, Thailand imports some different kinds if white meat fish like Alaska pollock from the US and Russia. Sales of frozen pangasius fillet to Thailand has stayed steady so far.

Noticiable sales were recorded in Singapore and Philippines with growth rate of 42.3 million USD and 37.4 million USD respectively. Some says these two markets have been in high demand of Vietnam’s pangasius.

Singapore imported pangasius mainly from Vietnam, besides it bought from China and Malaysia. Not only did it buy frozen pangasius fillet, but also the country ordered frozen Alaska pollock in China and frozen tilapia from Indonesia. Pangasius imports of Singapore and Philippines have stayed strong with double digit growth in 2018. This is positive sign for Vietnam’s pangasius in ASEAN.


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