Tilapia farming under chain linkages

Linkages in tilapia farming set from production to consumption are showing good results after 8 months of trial by Hà Nội Fisheries Sub-department in Cổ Đô commune, Ba Vì district. It brings a bumper crop and high economic efficiency and become a new way of tilapia farming development.

Hà Nội Fisheries Sub-departmenthas carried out some trials of tilapia farming under chain linkages in seven households in Tân Đô cooperative, Cổ Đô commune since May 2018, practicing in total 5 hectares. Households are supported partly with fish fries and biological products, veterinary medicine and full techniques.

Farmer Nguyễn Văn Lập owns 0.6 ha of farming ponds which produces 20% tilapias more than the previous year. He said that he focused on traditional species like amur, mud carp, dory, and carps undersemi-intensive and extensive farming system before; however it did not bring high production. After taking part in the link chain and being instructed detailed techniques, he produces over 9 tons with tilapia averagely weighing up 0.5 – 0.7 kg each and being sold at 30,000 – 32,000 dong/kg. He earns nearly 90 million dong of profit.

The reviews from practices in Cổ Đô show that survival rate of tilapia under link chain is more than 80% and capacity reaches over 15 tons/ha, up 30 – 40% as compared to previous years.

Director of Tân Đô cooperative Nguyễn Văn Hải says that tilapia grows fast and has positive survival rate, being suitable with farming conditions in Cổ Đô commune. Once farmers get detailed techniques, their tilapias catch less diseases, requires shorter farming duration and less investment. More importantly, farmers get rid of using antibiotics and veterinary medicines, and creating products for food safety assurance. Thus, their products are more competitive and sold more easily. The practice has paved a new way for local aquaculture development, helping farmers connect companies for sustainable trading.


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