NinhThuận’s post-larvae granted certificate

NinhThuận Sub – Department of Fisheries has just been granted Certificate “NinhThuận post-larvae” by National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (under Ministry of Scienceand Technology).

National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam granted ten-year-certificate no.299521 to black tiger prawn post-larvae PL15 and white leg prawn post-larvae PL12 which are nursed in NinhThuận. This is very important for the nursery of prawn post-larvae of the province and confirmation of NinhThuận’s credibility in this sector.

Right after the announcement of certification, NinhThuận Sub – Department of Fisheries worked with provincial Fries Association to grant local hatcheries the rights of using this certificate. Everyone has been appealed to protect “NinhThuận’s shrimp” brand.

NinhThuận has got 498 facilities of post-larvae shrimp with 1,200 nurseries, producing over 30 billion shrimp per year (including black prawn and white leg prawn), and meeting 35 percent of the country’s demand mainly from southern provinces. The province expects to provide 36 billion shrimp per year by 2020 and to become a centre of the highest quality shrimp seed production area in the country.


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