Ca Mau establishes a 27,000-hectare Marine protected area

Ca Mau province has decided to establish a Marine protected area (MPA) covering a total area of 27,000 hectares, which includes the surrounding seas of the Hon Khoai, Hon Chuoi, and Hon Da Bac island clusters.

The People’s Committee of Ca Mau Province issued Decision No. 1206/QĐ-UBND approving the establishment of the Ca Mau Marine Protected Area. The total area of the MPA is 27,000 hectares, including 18,000 hectares of functional zones (3,000 hectares for strict protection, 11,230 hectares for ecological restoration, and 3,970 hectares for service-administrative zones) and a 9,000-hectare buffer zone.

The goals are to protect and conserve marine resources, endangered species, economically and scientifically valuable marine species within the MPA; to protect the environment and natural ecosystems and landscapes.

The unique natural landscapes of the Hon Khoai, Hon Chuoi, and Hon Da Bac island clusters will be conserved for scientific research, education, ecotourism, adventure tourism, and leisure purposes.

Marine biodiversity conservation is also linked to improving the livelihoods of local fishing communities, contributing to the development of the marine economy.

Ecosystems to be conserved include: coral reefs, spawning grounds, breeding grounds, and other aquatic life in the protected area, especially rare species, economically and scientifically valuable species.

The scope of the MPA includes the surrounding seas of the Hon Khoai, Hon Chuoi, and Hon Da Bac island clusters.

The Ca Mau Fisheries Control Sub-Department is assigned to lead and coordinate with relevant units to manage this MPA. When conditions allow for service exploitation and self-sustaining revenue generation, Ca Mau Province will establish a management board for the MPA as per regulations.

According to the statistics of the Department of Nature Conservation and Biodiversity, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, by 2023, Vietnam has at least 21 out of 25 world biomes; 178 nature reserves, including 34 national parks; 59 nature reserves; 23 species and habitat conservation areas; and 62 landscape protection areas.

Vietnam also has 9 wetlands recognized as Ramsar sites, 11 UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserves, 12 ASEAN heritage parks (the highest in the region), 1 internationally important migratory waterbird site on the Australia-East Asia Flyway (EAAFP), and over 101 important biodiversity areas.

More than 20 localities have approved provincial and city-level biodiversity conservation planning.


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