Cà Mau: More than 83% of fishing boats have been installed with surveillance cameras

There are 1,320 fishing boats of total 1,584 ones having been installed with surveillance cameras, accounting for more than 83%.

Lê Thanh Triều, Director of Cà Mau’s department of Agricultural and Rural Development said that: since earlier this year, 5 fishing boats with 45 fishermen trespassing foreign waters have been arrested and handled. There have been a total of 43 fishing boats/264 fishermen trespassing foreign waters being captured since Oct 23, 2017.

According to a representative of Cà Mau’s department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the unit checked, investigated and detected as many as 857 violated cases, giving a total fine of 13 billion dong. There are now 1,320 among 1,584 fishing boats being installed with surveillance cameras in Cà Mau, accounting for 83%, with 56 ones being at least 24m in length, 1,260 ones being from 15m to 24m (besides, another four fishing boats, 15m long at maximum, volunteered to install).

264 fishing boats have not been installed with surveillance cameras. This is attributed to the fact that the owners of some boats are not staying in the province, 57 of 264 fishing boats were sold, 54 ones are in operation and 80 ones stopped operating.


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