Effort to remove yellow card warning on Vietnamese seafood

Immediate consequence

In a conference Deputy Prime Minister Trịnh Đình Dũng assigned agencies and localities urgent tasks to convince the Europe Commission (EC) to remove “yellow card” warning on Vietnamese seafood.

Dũng insisted local seafood exporters may encounter big influence upon EC’s “yellow card” warning on Vietnamese seafood, leaving bad impact on fishermen’s living. It is thus extremely important for the Government, ministries, agencies and localities to urgently convince EC to remove the “yellow card” warning. Fish exploitation and aquaculture must strictly follow international requirements for sustainable development assurance in the long run.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), central sectors and agencies, People’s committees of twenty-eight coastal provinces must implement Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc’s Directive 45/CT-TTg on urgent tasks and solutions following the EC’s warning.

MARD is required to consult the Government to set up a National Steering Committee to prevent illegal fishing, complete regulations of seafood and fishing, implement the Agreement on Port State Measures which Vietnam has just enter into. MARD should work with Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transport launch a scheme to control vessels and exploited seafood.

Urgent tasks of all agencies

Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Police are instructed to supervise administration document, procedures and equipment whenever any vessel goes fishing. Those who fail the regulations of exploitation must be strictly treated. Dũng required close supervision in the coastal areas to handle the vessel operating in the wrong territorial waters and support local vessels once they are involved in some incident or illegal captured by foreign agencies.

Ministry of Industry and Trade is required to consult the expansion of consumption and export markets, inform international partners and organization about Vietnam’s effort, and find the solutions to trade barriers which have bad impact on Vietnamese seafood. Additionally, fishermen must be informed to fight illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

>> “Seafood industry plays an important role in the restructuring of national economy. Industry and services should be paid special attention for economic development in the coastal areas where local people are trained with new job to ensure their earnings” said Deputy Prime Minister Trịnh Đình Dũng.


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