Grow-out module, fishmeal plant project, ice machine. What else will you see at Seafood Expo Eurasia?

As Seafood Expo Eurasia approaches, organizers offer a preview of what visitors can anticipate at the upcoming event. Let’s start by highlighting participants from the technical exhibition segments, covering shipbuilding, ship repair, and equipment for ships, processing, and aquaculture.

AquaManager is among the early entrants to Seafood Expo Eurasia, showcasing a cutting-edge ecosystem of innovative solutions. Their presentation will include management software, IoT solutions, and business intelligence solutions. Featured exhibits encompass the grow-out module, hatchery module, and intelligent equipment such as the groundbreaking BlueMiner platform and the iMaint aquaculture system.

Diversity is one of the main principles of the fair, as exemplified by A & S Thai Works from Thailand. With over 30 years of expertise, the company will present projects related to rendering and fishmeal plants, showcasing their competences in manufacturing, installing, operating, and customizing these facilities.

Pregol Yard will highlight its comprehensive ship repair and modernization services, covering engineering support, interior works, and the repair of mechanical and electrical equipment, automatics, and radio navigation. Meanwhile, Fishering Service will discuss its latest developments in mid-water and bottom trawls production.

Seafood Expo Eurasia will serve as a meeting ground for representatives from fisheries, processing, aquaculture, and other related industries. Recognizing the crucial role of temperature-controlled logistics, the exhibition will also feature participation from manufacturers of refrigeration equipment and refrigerants. For instance, Termodizayn will showcase modern solutions for freezing, cooling, and temperature maintenance, including an ice machine and an installation for cooling seawater.

Stay tuned for the next issues of our review to learn more about the exposition of participants from all sectors of Seafood Expo Eurasia.

Visitor registration is free and available here.

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