Khánh Hòa: Abundant harvest of tuna at the beginning of the year

Khánh Hòa has just seen unprecedented high production from the ocean tuna season at the beginning of the year. Currently, bigeye tuna is being purchased at 110,000 VND/kg at Hòn Rớ port (Khánh Hòa). After deducting expenses, each tuna fishing boat earns tens of millions of VND.

Fisherman Trần Hoàng, captain of a fishing boat in Tam Quan Bắc ward, Hoài Nhơn town, Bình Định province, brought the tuna to Hon Ro port after a Tet offshore trip, returning with a boat full of tuna. He shared that this is the best tuna season. “We have faced many difficulties, harsh weather conditions, but still complied with regulations on fishing, fishermen are saying no to IUU exploitation,” Trần Hoàng said.

Fisherman Phạm Tấn Tài, a worker on the fishing boat KH 90145 TS (in Vĩnh Phước ward, Nha Trang city), shared: After more than 25 days on the sea during Tet Holiday, about over 24 tons of striped tuna and various other types of tuna were caught. With an average selling price of about 27,000 VND/kg, after deducting voyage expenses of over 250 million VND, the crew earned high profit.

Similarly, 2 ocean tuna fishing boats arriving at Hòn Rớ port in the morning of February 19th also recorded bumper catch, 60 bigeye tuna each,  weighing 30-40 kg/head on average. Each boat was estimated to achieve 2.1 tons.

Some fishermen share that it is currently the ocean tuna fishing season, so many boats are going offshore through Tet, and most of the boats have achieved quite high catch. Currently, bigeye tuna are being purchased at Hòn Rớ port at a price of 110,000 VND/kg, after deducting expenses, the ocean tuna fishing boats also earn tens of millions of VND each.

Nguyễn Văn Ba, Head of the Management Board of Hòn Rớ Port, stated that in the first 10 days of the Lunar Year, Hòn Rớ Port has welcomed 12 returning boats, all of which have recorded high catch and profits. It is expected that from now until around the 15th of the lunar January, Hòn Rớ Port will welcome about 100 fishing boats returning from the sea. In the past 10 days, 46 offshore fishing boats of fishermen within and outside the province have departed from Hòn Rớ Port to the sea for seafood exploitation.

Nguyễn Duy Quang, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Khánh Hòa province, expects that in 2024, local fishermen will report highly efficient exploitation and continue to strictly comply with regulations against IUU fishing. The provincial People’s Committee requires that by April 30th, the situation of fishing vessels violating illegal fishing in foreign waters must be terminated; opening a peak period of inspection, control, with a requirement of 100% of IUU violations being strictly punished according to regulations.


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