Khánh Hòa: Implementation of electronic seafood traceability software system

On February 23rd, the Anti-IUU Steering Committee of Khánh Hòa province issued a document to relevant units requesting the implementation of the electronic seafood traceability software system (VN CDT system).

The provincial IUU Steering Committee requested the Border Guard Command of the province to conduct inspections and approve departures and arrivals on the VN CDT system; guide and support ship owners and captains to log in to their accounts and perform departure, arrival, and production declaration procedures on the VN CDT system.

The People’s Committees of coastal districts, in coordination with the Fisheries Sub-department and local Fisheries Monitoring Stations, will disseminate information to ship owners and captains of fishing vessels to install and use the VN CDT system to declare departures, arrivals, and production quantities as prescribed.

The provincial IUU Steering Committee also requested the Fisheries Sub-department to guide relevant agencies to install and use the VN CDT system; carry out the issuance of seafood exploitation certificates on this system as prescribed.

The Center for Management of Aquatic Exploitation Infrastructure will instruct fishing ports to inspect and approve the arrival and departure procedures of fishing vessels, confirm the quantity of seafood at ports, issue receipts for loading and unloading seafood through ports, and issue certificates confirming the seafood materials harvested on the electronic system.

Representative offices for fisheries inspection and control will monitor, inspect, supervise, and control IUU fishing activities on the VN CDT system…


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