Quảng Ngãi: Fishing vessels lacking of VMS are forbidden to set sail

After July 30, fishing vessels which have not installed the Vessel Monitoring System will be subject to violation of IUU fishing and strictly punished by the province.

According to Quảng Ngãi provincial People’s Committee, 2,850 over 3,260 fishing vessels, at least 15m long each, have installed VMS, reaching a rate of 87.42%. Deputy Chairman of Quảng Ngãi People’s Committee Trần Phước Hiền suggests that Bình Sơn, Lý Sơn districts, Đức Phổ town, and Quảng Ngãi city disseminate and encourage owners of fishing vessels to promptly install VMS as regulated by July 30. After this day, VMS uninstalled fishing vessels working in the ocean will be subject to violation of the regulation of IUU fishing. 

Localities are requested to review the list of fishing vessels operating in and outside the province and staying idle. Effective fishing vessels are advised to install VMS, owners of idle vessels are contacted to locate the berth.

VMS uninstalled vessels will be checked and suspended but they can take part in fisheries activities after July 30. Leaders of the provincial People’s Committee suggested that the Borderlands security should tightly control the vessels docking in and out, vessels operating in coastal areas, and forbid vessels without enough papers from setting sail.

A list of VMS uninstalled vessels will be made every twentieth of the month by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) and sent to relevant departments, sectors, and localities for their cooperation in management. The DARD also should consult the provincial People’s Committee to work with relevant localities to tighten control over Quảng Ngãi’s fishing vessels without VMS operating beyond the province; and strictly check and manage fishing vessels docking in and out fishing ports.

VMS uninstalled fishing vessels will not be allowed to dock in for unloading seafood products. IUU violated vessels must be punished or informed competent authorities for regulated punishment.


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