210 American seafood producers are granted to enter Vietnam

Vietnam has granted licenses to 460 companies related to meat and meat products production and 210 seafood producers from the United States.

All files have been reviewed and only three meat and meat product producers fail to be granted licenses because they use animals originated from a third nation. Vietnam requested these American companies to file documents in accordance with local regulations of disease safety control.

The American companies are now able to export cherry, grape, pear, apple, blueberry and orange while potential risk assessment (PRA) is being considered its on pomelo, nectarin, apricot and plum. The PRA is almost done with Zoysia weed (Z.matrella) and sorghum (Sorgum bicolor) and licenses will be granted soon.

After the USDA proclaimed its decision of recognizing Vietnam’s production system of pangasius, Deputy Minister Lê Quốc Doanh suggested that the USDA support Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development to hold higher training courses of USDA’s Pangasius patrol program and testing method of microbe and chemical criteria in seafood.

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is kindly requested to consider and approve the Hà Nội Irradiation Center and Toàn Phát Irradiation Ltd.,Co to take part in the irradiation program of fresh fruits exported to the US so that Vietnam’s fruits can easily enter this market. This Service is also advised to allow the vapor heat treatment (VHT) on fresh fruits exported to the US (besides the irradiation) and finalize the documents and procedures of PRA so that Vietnam’s pomelo got accepted to enter the US market soon.

Deputy Minister Ted A. Mc Kinney in charge of Foreign affairs and Trade of the USDA recognized proposals by Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development. He said that the USDA would support Vietnam with training courses related to biological technology and food hygiene and safety in the laboratory, animal and plant quarantine procedures, especially risk assessment and disease prevention on animals and plants, as proposed by Vietnam.


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