Vietnam’s basa fillet and dragon fruit conquer Pakistan

The Embassy of Vietnam in Pakistan and the Trade Office have just celebrated an event to promote Vietnam’s basa fillet and dragon fruit at the 77th anniversary of Vietnam’s National Day.

During the celebration of Vietnam’s National Day, the Embassy of Vietnam in Pakistan and the Trade Office promoted Vietnam’s basa fillet products which are granted certificates related to food safety such as Global G.A.P by German, ASC by the Netherland and the UK, BAP by the US and penetrating the most demanding markets of the world such as the US, EU, and UK.

Vietnam successfully conquered the Pakistan market with its basa fillet which changed the cuisine culture of Pakistan thanks to the perfect quality, delicious taste, and competitive and affordable price.

However, the success resulted in an over purchase in Vietnam and massive sale in Pakistan; as a result, the quality of Vietnamese basa fillet was not assured in this market. In December 2017, the Punjab provincial Department of Food safety (Pakistan) imposed a ban on using and trading basa fillet products. Thus, the promotion of Vietnam’s basa fillet this time aims to retain credibility and create an opportunity to export to Pakistan.

Vietnam’s dragon fruit, planted in Bình Thuận province, has been sold in Pakistan’s supermarkets since 2021. However, as those fruits have to be imported from Dubai through the airway, the retail price is so much higher than the exporting price from Vietnam (16 USD/kg vs 1.2 USD/kg). Thus, Bình Thuận dragon fruits have not achieved success in this market.

At the event, the Embassy of Vietnam in Pakistan and the Trade Office introduced to Pakistan consumers the nutrition and health value of Vietnam’s dragon fruits. Pakistan affirmed that Vietnam’s dragon fruits would gain success in this market once the importing price is lowered. The Embassy of Vietnam in Pakistan and the Trade Office are working with the Bình Thuận provincial department of Industry and Trade and the Vietnam Association of Dragon Fruit Exporters to adopt a proper solution to this matter.


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