Giant river prawn difficults to consume, prices continue to fall deeply

Harvesting giant river prawn requires a lot of labor and mainly sold fresh, so it is difficult to sell, and prices continue to fall deeply due to a sharp drop in market demand.

Kiên Giang: 2.000 tons of giant river prawn need to find output.

In Kiên Giang, currently the amount of shrimp farmed until the harvest period is quite large, it is very necessary to have a connection channel for consumption. It is expected that in August, shrimp production for farmers in coastal districts will be about 12,500 tons. Of which, only the giant river prawn is 2,000 tons.

When harvesting giant freshwater prawns, they usually have to catch it all at once, requiring a large amount of labor. Due to the implementation of social distancing, it is also very difficult to hire people to harvest. Therefore, the price of giant river prawn in Kiên Giang has dropped sharply, only 80,000 – 110,000 VND/kg.

Not only giant river prawn, black tiger shrimp, white shrimp all dropped in price. Specifically: the price of 30 pcs/kg is 135,000 VND, 50 pcs/kg is 108,000 VND and 100 pcs/kg is 72,000 VND. Meanwhile, the price of black tiger shrimp 20 pcs/kg is 200,000 VND, 30/kg is 160,000 VND, 40 pcs/kg is 125,000 VND.

The reason for the sharp drop in shrimp prices is the sharp increase in supply, while domestic consumption and exports are facing difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Bạc Liêu: The price of giant river prawn decreased by 15-20%

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Bạc Liêu province, in August, it is expected that the harvest output of 53,000 tons of aquatic products and the consumption output in the province is about 4,300 tons.

Particularly for giant freshwater shrimp in Hồng Dân district, the area to harvest is about 975 hectares, the supply capacity is about 3 tons/day to be consumed. Ba Đình Agricultural Cooperative, Vĩnh Lộc A commune, shrimp output is about 2-3 tons/day and can be more if there is purchasing demand from businesses.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the output market of farmed shrimp in Bac Lieu province is not only difficult to sell, but the price drop has made farmers worried (about 15-20% depending on shrimp size).


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