HCM city: Prices of shrimp, crab and snail decreased by half from Tet run-up

Lower demand and abundant supply have made seafood and marine species sellers to push down the price.

Prices have been reduced sharply in Ho Chi Minh city retail market on Mar 31. Once sold in restaurants, many kinds of species are now being sold in the market.

Particularly, prices of loach, pomfret and bighead carp decreased by half to 90,000-100,000 dong/kg compared to Tet run-up. Black tiger shrimp is sold at 250,000 dong/kg, red tilapia is at 45,000 dong/kg and flounder is at 110,000 dong/kg.

With an abundant supply, prices in hubs of seafood and marine species reduced by 50%, with big size octopus being sold at 370,000 dong/kg, elongate cockle at 220,000 dong/kg, great lobster at 650,000 dong/kg, big size sweet sea snail at 550,000 dong/kg, grouper at 300,000 dong/kg, sentinel crab ất 390,000 dong/kg, sturgeon at 270,000 dong/kg, and blood cockle at 300,000 dong/kg.

Not only are prices of domestic seafood and marine species falling, but also the same situation occurs with imported ones. Prices of Canada’s geo-duck is sold at 600,000 dong/kg, US oyster is sold at 100,000 dong/kg, Alaska lobster is at 750,000 dong/kg, Korean abalone is at 1 million dong/kg and flounder is at 550,000 dong/kg.


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